Graduate Course Work

Graduate Mathematics Coursework Completed (through Spring 2014)
MATH 6000 Modern Algebra and Geometry I
MATH 6150 Complex Variables
MATH 6670 Combinatorics
MATH 6400 Number Theory
MATH 6690 Graph Theory
MATH 6600 Probability
MATH 7200 Foundations of Geometry I
Statistics Coursework Completed (through Spring 2014)
STAT 6070 Statistics and Probability for Teachers
STAT 6210 Statistical Methods I
STAT 6230 Applied Regression Analysis
STAT 6310 Statistical Analysis I
STAT 6510 Mathematical Statistics I
STAT 6520 Mathematical Statistics II
Graduate Coursework in Education (through Spring 2014)
EPSY 6800 Educational Psychology: Cognition
EPSY 7230 Strategies and Methods for the Gifted
EDIT 6150 Introduction to Computer Based Education
EDAP 7040 School Law
EDAP 7070 Curriculum Development and Evaluation
ERSH 6300 Educational Research: Applied Statistical Methods in Education
EDAP 8010 Curriculum Foundations and History
EDAP 9060 Historical Perspectives on Curriculum Reform
ERSH 8310 Applied Analysis of Variance Methods in Education
QUAL 8400 Qualitative Research Traditions
*EDD8201 Integrated Seminar I
*EDD8140 Spiritual Formation and Discipleship
*EDD8130 History and Philosophy of Education
*EDD8150 Psychological Foundations of Education
*EDD8160 Sociological Foundations for Education
*EDD8170 The Doctrine of Humanity
*Courses Completed at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Graduate Coursework in Mathematics Education (through Spring 2014)
EMAT 6600 Problem Solving in Mathematics
EMAT 6650 Historical and Cultural Foundations of Mathematics
EMAT 6680 Technology and Secondary School Mathematics
EMAT 6690 Technology Enhanced Instruction in Secondary School Mathematics
EMAT 7050 Teaching Secondary School Mathematics
EMAT 7080 Curriculum in Mathematics Education
EMAT 8020 Advanced Study of Mathematics Teaching and Teacher Education
EMAT 8010 Advanced Study of Mathematics Curriculum
EMAT 8040 Critical Issues in Mathematics Education
EMAT 8990 Research Seminar in Mathematics Education (Multiple Seminars)
EMAT 9000 Doctoral Research
EMAT 9600 Educational Research in Mathematics Education
EMAT 9630 Critique of Literature in Mathematics Education
EMAT 9640 Analysis and Critique of Research in Mathematics Education
EMAT 9700 Internship in Mathematics Education
EMAT 9800 Practicum in Mathematics Education

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